Image: CC BY-ND 2.0 Autumm Says, “Hey Sundi – want to meet up at our spot and talk some DigCiz?” Sundi replies “Hi Autumm! Let’s meet at 7pm tonight? 🙂 btw, my thoughts are scattered. I want to mention all four weeks, but not necessarily in a linear way?” Some thoughts on process As we […]

By:Kristen Eshleman and Bill Fitzgerald   Image Credit: Matthew Henry For this week’s digital citizenship conversation, we are looking at the interactions that occur when people are working in systems designed and supported by institutions. You can see what guides higher ed IT strategy over time in the annual EDUCAUSE Top 10 IT Issues – a survey of […]

Image: CC0 Public Domain Week 2 of #digciz June 2017 is coming to and end. A big thanks to Katia Hildebrant and Alec Couros for facilitating a conversation that pushed beyond concepts of individual responsibility when thinking about, talking about, teaching, or processing being participants in online spaces. Thanks to all who joined in or followed along. […]

Image CC0 Public Domain Obtained from Pixabay fireworks beijing china olympics Well week one of #DigCiz is over. Mia Zamora and Bonnie Stewart – wow! We had #4wordstories, sync video conversation, blogging… we even had Grumpy Cat! Enlightening and challenging and provocative. Bon, Mia, – Thank you! Week two is upon us and this week Katia Hildebrant […]

Image: by Billy Grace Ward “Alone” Mia Zamora and Bonnie Stewart have started us off on the first week of collaboratively thinking and talking about digital citizenship. Mia introduced the first week’s focus on participation in her post. We will ask whether our model of open citizenship is an idealized one, and how it actually intersects […]