Image: by Billy Grace Ward “Alone”

Mia Zamora and Bonnie Stewart have started us off on the first week of collaboratively thinking and talking about digital citizenship. Mia introduced the first week’s focus on participation in her post.

We will ask whether our model of open citizenship is an idealized one, and how it actually intersects with the digital identity practices that platforms support and encourage.

Bonnie brings Grumpy cat into it, that figure that we all have some kind of feeling for whether it be annoyance or care, we all share in knowing.

Grumpy Cat, ultimate Digital Citizen, makes the perfect Rorschach Test for your own interpretations of digital citizenship! Is he saying:

a) Even online, we are all people. Kumbay-effing-yah.
b) Digital citizenship sucks because people. People suck.
c) It is irritating to even have this conversation. Stop being a digital dualist.
d) All of the above?

And their first ask for participation is the #4wordstory #digciz chat has been happening for the past 24 hours and continues. What are our idealized views? Here are a few:

In the midst of the #4wordstory #digciz convo, the questions and critique of using citizen / citizenship continue.


This is an ongoing question as you can see from Autumm’s post from week 1 of the last cycle of #digciz. It was what much of the conversation at the ELI Digital Citizenship workshop this past year. It is not easily defined or answered. It is ongoing.

Kate Bowles shared a different framing:

Thursday June 1st, at 3pm (EST) Mia and Bonnie, along with others who have also volunteered to join in, will address some of the conversations that have started. They will look at the idealized versions of digital citizenship and try and unpack our expectations and practices. You can watch live here:

And read what others have been posting about #digciz this week: