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Well week one of #DigCiz is over. Mia Zamora and Bonnie Stewart – wow! We had #4wordstories, sync video conversation, blogging… we even had Grumpy Cat! Enlightening and challenging and provocative. Bon, Mia, – Thank you!

Week two is upon us and this week Katia Hildebrant and Alec Couros are asking how we move from a model of personal responsibility (think cybersaftey) around online engagement to one of digital citizenship. They have a post cross listed on both of their blogs reflecting on their thinking for the week. They say:

So here’s our challenge this week: Is there a need to move beyond personal responsibility models of digital citizenship? And if so, how can we reframe the conversation around digital citizenship to aim towards the latter two kinds of citizen? How might we rethink digital citizenship in order to encourage more active (digital) citizenship and to begin deconstructing the justice and equity issues that continue to negatively affect those in online spaces, particularly those who are already marginalized in face-to-face contexts? And what are the implications of undertaking this shift when it comes to our individual personal and professional contexts, especially when it comes to modelling online behaviours and building (digital) identities/communities with our students?

They have two major events for us:

  • Tuesday, June 6 at 3 pm EDT, Alec and Katia will host a Zoom webinar to discuss this week’s topic. If you are interested in being a panelist, please email – we’d love to have you join us! The Webinar will take place via Zoom.Us – You can view a recording of the call here.
  • Wednesday, June 7 at 8 pm EDT, Katia and Alec will be moderating a Twitter chat with a number of questions related to this week’s topic. To join, please connect with them on Twitter (@courosa and @kbhildebrandt) and follow the #DigCiz hashtag.

I hope that you will find this next week of the conversation compelling and decide to watch, talk, blog… Feel free to create in your spaces and share with us and with one another.