Join Susan Adams (edtechinsight) for the #Digciz week 3

Join the live Twitter chat on Wednesday, July 6th at 5pm EDT at hashtag #digciz and a Google Hangout conversation the next day on Thursday, July 7th at 5pm EDT.

The conversations are centered around “Publics” in digital citizenship.

Susan Adams along with Autumm Caines and Sundi Richard will facilitate the live twitter chat on Wednesday July 6th at 5pm EDT.

Thursday, July 7th at 5pm EDT Susan Adams (edtechinsight) will conduct a live sync broadcasted chat.   Kate Bowles (@KateMfD) will also join the conversation among others. You can watch the conversation below live or recorded. Tweet using the #DigCiz tag if you want to chime in.

Here is the prompt for both conversations:

“When we talk about digital citizenship we cross into a collective responsibility.” ~ Sundi Richard

Let’s explore what it means to be “collectively responsible”?

It can start with understanding the intersection between individual identity and the moments we engage in open digital networks. Barring just lurking or observing for now, this intersection requires one to declare oneself and to be recognized by the network.

So let’s ask ourselves to consider the following questions in preparation for this conversation:

  1. Where does your digital identity intersect with your digital network? What is the relationship?
  2. When you declare your digital identity inside of a digital network what responsibilities, if any, do you assume? What are ways of declaring?
  3. When you are in a network what do you (or the network collectively) expect when new people join?

Thinking about responsibilities of engaging in an open public network, consider first what a good digital network looks and feels like? Perhaps it is problematic to use the word “good” but let’s start there for now.

In my perfect world, I seek to be a part of and contribute to safe, thriving, generative, and nourishing digital networks. I also want a healthy level of “fierceness” and passion when an idea, movement or value needs to be asserted by an individual.  You see, I learn best when I get to think around, in and through the intersection of difference – that is to say – the areas between my understanding and others understanding of the world. This slowly begins to paint the picture of a healthy engagement in digital networks. 

  1. What characteristics are needed to engage in, connect with, and receive benefit from open networks? 
  2. If we agree on Sundi’s assertion that: “When we talk about digital citizenship we cross into a collective responsibility.” What does Collectively responsible mean to you?

Join the conversation: Thursday July 7th 5pm EDT.

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