Here’s another burst extending from the June 2017 #digciz convos. The discussion on data and privacy via Kristen Eshleman and Bill Fitzgerald led to some talk about how to read a Terms of Service and the fact that the ToS and the privacy policy actually tell us a lot about the company that writes them. Bill and Kristen have agreed to lead a flash annotation on Slack’s Privacy Policy. Slack is a “free” service that is being used more and more frequently in business, in higher ed, and in classrooms. Do you use it? Have you read the ToS or their privacy policy?

Join us in looking at it together, July 20th at 3pm (EDT).

If you want to catch up on some of the conversation that happened around this topic you can check out the original blog post and the conversation around data and privacy

A flash annotation, if you have not done this before, is where we synchronously annotate a webpage. It’s like having a conversation in the margins. We’ll be using, so if you would like to participate, you’ll need an account. We will be annotating together on July 20th at 3pm (EDT), but of course, you can add to it at any time before or after.

Here is the link to where we will be annotating the

Please share with others who you think would be interested in joining us.