"Blue Sky Twitter"

Several of us have discovered that “One does not simply walk into #digped.”

A couple of weeks after the 2017 Digital Pedagogy Lab Institute in Fredericksburg, Virginia, I have yet to really find my balance and fully re-engage with the world again. I note that even our ubiquitous friend, colleague, and facilitator Maha Bali is just getting to her own reflections on that week we spent with Kate Bowles about 20 other scholars on the #digped networks track.

And now my academic year with a passel o’ first-year students has officially begun! With all the spare time that entails, what better use of a weekend than to resume discussion of Twitter and Tear Gas? Let’s do it!

When: This Saturday, August 26! Twitter “slow chat” starts at 10:00am Pacific Time!

Facilitator: George Station (Cal State Monterey Bay lecturer and Virtually Connecting participant)

Chapters: 2 & 3, “Censorship and Attention” and “Leading the Leaderless”
(unless you tweet a good tangent to derail us—we’re nothing if not flexible!)

Primary hashtag for the discussion: #TwitterAndTearGas.

See Zeynep Tufekci’s site for more about the book and its author, and ordering/download info.

(Image CC BY 2.0 from mkhmarketing on Flickr)